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Jon and Morgan's Wedding
June 25, 2005
One week and 4 days! 
14th-Jun-2005 03:42 pm
At least, that's what my wedding counter says. I am, personally, so caught up in the whirlwind of getting stuff done that I hadn't even noticed the date. Really. No, I mean it. Well...ok, not so much.

So much time, so little to do. Wait! Strike that. Reverse it.

Here's a little run down of the upcoming nuptial activities for the next two weeks:
  • Tonight: Meet with photographer. Make final payment. Select shot options from list. Finalize times.
  • Tonight: E-mail music list to DJs.
  • Tonight or Tomorrow Night: Get Penny (officiate) on the phone. Final adjustments to ceremony.
  • Tomorrow: Mail check to cake lady for cakes.
  • Thursday: Speak with the lady from Hill Manor. Finalize numbers. Make arrangements for final payment. Make arrangements for rehearsal.
  • This Week: Speak with caterer. Finalize numbers. Make arrangements for final payment.
  • This Week: Ditto, florist.
  • This Week: Ditto, harpist.
  • This Week: Put Jordan almonds in bags. Buy chocolates. Put cute wrappers on chocolates. Thank God that the bubbles are done already.</strike>
  • Thursday: Ai comes into town. Clean house before Thursday, as she will be staying with us.
  • Next Monday: Deva comes into town. Make arrangements to see Deva and finalize maid of honor details.
  • Next Monday: Trim and hairstyle testrun. Nixed the highlights, as I don't want to risk a totally new hair color days before the wedding.
  • Next Thursday: Wedding party all in town. Dinner w/ in-laws. Bachelorette party.
  • Next Friday: Bridal breakfast. Pedicures & manicures with the wedding party ladies. Rehearsal. Rehearsal dinner. Jon's bachelor party (which of course, I won't attend). Spend the night at my parents so Jon doesn't see me on the wedding day. Try to sleep. Fail to sleep.
  • Saturday: Wedding!
  • Saturday Night: Begin Honeymoon...

    It's getting down to the wire, but what a nice wire!
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