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Jon and Morgan's Wedding
June 25, 2005
25 Days and Counting! 
1st-Jun-2005 02:44 pm
The day is fast approaching! RSVPs are flooding in, mostly to the affirmative. Relatives whom I haven't seen in quite some time are flying in. Today I had my final fitting for the dress (still a perfect fit) and brought it home, pressed and ready to be worn. My veil, too, has been pressed and is ready to go. My dress has been equipped with buttons to turn the train into a bustle, so Jon and I can dance the night away. Honeymoon arrangements are being finalized, at least as far as I know (Jon's handling ALL the details!). Soon we make final payments on all the various and sundry aspects of a wedding -- flowers, photos, etc. I really can't believe that it's almost here! I'm torn between being nervous because it's so close and SO many things have to go just right and being totally impatient because I am absolutely ready! I know it will be beautiful and wonderful and it's the start of a wonderful marriage. I can't wait!!!
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