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Jon and Morgan's Wedding
June 25, 2005
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8th-Jul-2005 09:25 pm - More pictures!
[x-posted from my personal journal]

Wayne Springfield, our photographer, dropped off a CD of unedited (w/ a few exceptions) images to sort through. We have hundreds, many of them very good. These two are particular good. I look so serene and actually pretty, and Jon looks suave and ultra-handsome and James Bondish.

I give you...Collapse )
7th-Jul-2005 05:15 pm - Wedding picture time!
Well, hello there! How are you? We are doing fine and dandy as the new Mr. and Mrs. McFarland!

My mother wants a review of the wedding, I think, but for now, how's about a picture or two?

Wedding picsCollapse )
23rd-Jun-2005 09:02 am - Ack! Just Two More Days!
Today is Thursday. That means tomorrow is Friday and the next day is WEDDING DAY!

Almost everything is ready. One more thing needs to be procured for my bridesmaids. Their gifts must be wrapped. My "Bride" iron-on must be applied to my shirt for the party tonight. I must do laundry and pack in preparation for the honeymoon. I need to find a place around here to wax my unmentionables (not all of them or anything like that, just the bikini area -- I might be in a swim suit a lot!). Other than that, I think I'm done and ready to go! My makeup from QVC hasn't arrived yet, which makes me nervous and disappointed (maybe today though?) but I have other makeup. I even found the perfect shade of no-rub-off lipstick for the ceremony.

Tonight = dinner w/ both sets of parents followed by GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!

Not married yet...but close.
14th-Jun-2005 04:27 pm - Wedding Itenerary [Subject to Change]
The following is a tentative schedule for Thursday, June 23 - Saturday, June 25, 2005:

  • Morn-Afternoon: Wedding party arrives in town
  • 6:00PM (approx):Dinner w/ both sets of parents
  • 8:00PM (approx):Bachelorette party -- karaoke and drinks and good times?

  • 10:00AM: Bridal Breakfast -- for bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, Momma-of-Bride
  • 12:00PM: Manicures/Pedicures -- for bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, female family who wants to attend (maybe a Heather and a Teagan?)
  • 4:30PM: Rehearsal
  • 6:00PM: Rehearsal dinner
  • 8:00PM (approx): Bachelor Party

  • 11:00AM: Bride, maid of honor, Momma-of-Bride, and wedding coordinator arrive at Hill Manor to begin set up.
  • 2:30PM: Hair stylist arrives at Hill Manor to do bride's hair
  • 3:00PM: All wedding party members dressing on-site arrive
  • 3:45PM: All wedding party members dressing off-site arrive
  • 4:30PM: Ushers begin seating
  • 5:00PM: Wedding Begins
  • 5:20PM: Wedding Ends. Guests move into reception. Photographs for wedding party.
  • 5:20PM (approx): Reception Begins. Buffet opens.
  • 8:30PM (approx): Bride and Groom get the heck out of Dodge

    If anyone suspects I am leaving something out, please feel free to remind me!
  • 14th-Jun-2005 03:42 pm - One week and 4 days!
    At least, that's what my wedding counter says. I am, personally, so caught up in the whirlwind of getting stuff done that I hadn't even noticed the date. Really. No, I mean it. Well...ok, not so much.

    So much time, so little to do. Wait! Strike that. Reverse it.

    Here's a little run down of the upcoming nuptial activities for the next two weeks:
  • Tonight: Meet with photographer. Make final payment. Select shot options from list. Finalize times.
  • Tonight: E-mail music list to DJs.
  • Tonight or Tomorrow Night: Get Penny (officiate) on the phone. Final adjustments to ceremony.
  • Tomorrow: Mail check to cake lady for cakes.
  • Thursday: Speak with the lady from Hill Manor. Finalize numbers. Make arrangements for final payment. Make arrangements for rehearsal.
  • This Week: Speak with caterer. Finalize numbers. Make arrangements for final payment.
  • This Week: Ditto, florist.
  • This Week: Ditto, harpist.
  • This Week: Put Jordan almonds in bags. Buy chocolates. Put cute wrappers on chocolates. Thank God that the bubbles are done already.</strike>
  • Thursday: Ai comes into town. Clean house before Thursday, as she will be staying with us.
  • Next Monday: Deva comes into town. Make arrangements to see Deva and finalize maid of honor details.
  • Next Monday: Trim and hairstyle testrun. Nixed the highlights, as I don't want to risk a totally new hair color days before the wedding.
  • Next Thursday: Wedding party all in town. Dinner w/ in-laws. Bachelorette party.
  • Next Friday: Bridal breakfast. Pedicures & manicures with the wedding party ladies. Rehearsal. Rehearsal dinner. Jon's bachelor party (which of course, I won't attend). Spend the night at my parents so Jon doesn't see me on the wedding day. Try to sleep. Fail to sleep.
  • Saturday: Wedding!
  • Saturday Night: Begin Honeymoon...

    It's getting down to the wire, but what a nice wire!
  • 9th-Jun-2005 03:04 pm(no subject)
    Going to get the marriage license! *squeeeee*
    7th-Jun-2005 06:26 pm - Mini-update
    My wedding band = purchased. Jon's wedding band = purchased before the end of the week. Marriage license = being gotten on Thursday (hopefully).
    1st-Jun-2005 02:44 pm - 25 Days and Counting!
    The day is fast approaching! RSVPs are flooding in, mostly to the affirmative. Relatives whom I haven't seen in quite some time are flying in. Today I had my final fitting for the dress (still a perfect fit) and brought it home, pressed and ready to be worn. My veil, too, has been pressed and is ready to go. My dress has been equipped with buttons to turn the train into a bustle, so Jon and I can dance the night away. Honeymoon arrangements are being finalized, at least as far as I know (Jon's handling ALL the details!). Soon we make final payments on all the various and sundry aspects of a wedding -- flowers, photos, etc. I really can't believe that it's almost here! I'm torn between being nervous because it's so close and SO many things have to go just right and being totally impatient because I am absolutely ready! I know it will be beautiful and wonderful and it's the start of a wonderful marriage. I can't wait!!!
    26th-Apr-2005 09:59 am - We're under the two-month mark!
    Yesterday was exactly two calendar months to our wedding! Holy cow! The big things to do are slowly, but surely, being done, and we're entering the state of being almost ready to get married.

    Since I usually do this in bullet-point format:

  • Our friend Jan, who does calligraphy, came over on Sunday to address the invitations. We did all but five of them, not having those last addresses. Sadly, one of the five is for one of my bridesmaids, who is moving out to Canton and has yet to give me a new address. I'll run the last invitations to Jan to get addressed once those addresses are in. I made these cute little maps/direction cards to put in w/ the invites. They look so pretty! Mailing them out this week or next Monday.
  • My aunt Marilyn and cousin Joanna are throwing me a couples shower. I finally have the invite list ready to give to her, which is good, as I'm two weeks behind on that. Bad bride! No tiara. Taco bar theme is ON. Sounds super fun, actually, and there will be margaritas, which makes it all worthwhile. ;)
  • My final dress fitting is on June 1. My dress is currently in the capable hands of the David's Bridal alterations staff, which makes me feel weird that the dress isn't in my closet! A girl I went to high school with works there, though, and I know she'll take good care of my dress. The only alterations I needed were five buttons to make my bustle. Otherwise, the dress fits like a glove. Hopefully I won't gain a single pound between now and then!
  • I have a bad case of trucker's tan. My left arm is very tan from sleeve height and down, which will look bad w/ the dress. Either have to make the tan go, tan the rest of me, or fake tan the rest of my visible parts and hope for the best. Maybe a combo of fake tan and light powder will make it look ok. If that doesn't work, it's covered by the veil anyway.
  • We've updated our registry. Even if we don't receive much of what we are registered for, I now have an idea of how I want my bedroom to look! Hooray!
  • I have, in my possession, wonderful gifties for my bridesmaid ladies! Can't wait to share them. Must plan bridal luncheon to take care of my ladies.
  • Trying to find hair ideas. Looking at pictures. I have an appointment two weeks before the wedding for highlights, if I don't chicken out, and then I'll be wearing my hair up, with the veil and tiara, so it won't much be seen, anyway. Any hair change is always nerve-wracking for me, though.
  • Did I mention we reserved the photographer and chose a groom's cake? That means ALL the big stuff is done! Cakes, pictures, flowers, music, DJ, clothes (except Jeff Sensei's tux...*glare*), food, invitations...ALL OF IT! DONE! PLANNED FOR!

    That's about it for now.
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