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Jon and Morgan's Wedding
June 25, 2005
Wedding Itenerary [Subject to Change] 
14th-Jun-2005 04:27 pm
The following is a tentative schedule for Thursday, June 23 - Saturday, June 25, 2005:

  • Morn-Afternoon: Wedding party arrives in town
  • 6:00PM (approx):Dinner w/ both sets of parents
  • 8:00PM (approx):Bachelorette party -- karaoke and drinks and good times?

  • 10:00AM: Bridal Breakfast -- for bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, Momma-of-Bride
  • 12:00PM: Manicures/Pedicures -- for bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, female family who wants to attend (maybe a Heather and a Teagan?)
  • 4:30PM: Rehearsal
  • 6:00PM: Rehearsal dinner
  • 8:00PM (approx): Bachelor Party

  • 11:00AM: Bride, maid of honor, Momma-of-Bride, and wedding coordinator arrive at Hill Manor to begin set up.
  • 2:30PM: Hair stylist arrives at Hill Manor to do bride's hair
  • 3:00PM: All wedding party members dressing on-site arrive
  • 3:45PM: All wedding party members dressing off-site arrive
  • 4:30PM: Ushers begin seating
  • 5:00PM: Wedding Begins
  • 5:20PM: Wedding Ends. Guests move into reception. Photographs for wedding party.
  • 5:20PM (approx): Reception Begins. Buffet opens.
  • 8:30PM (approx): Bride and Groom get the heck out of Dodge

    If anyone suspects I am leaving something out, please feel free to remind me!
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